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Episode 5

 Using AI in Real Estate with Meriel Gordon and Carrie Soave

In this conversation, Meriel Gordon and Carrie Soave discuss how real estate agents can use chat GPT and AI to create unique value propositions.Carrie explains how chat GPT can help agents discover their unique value proposition by asking a series of questions and analyzing their answers. They also discuss the logistics of using chat GPT, including uploading data and giving clear guidance to the AI. Kerry shares information about an upcoming AI conference she is organizing and emphasizes the importance of embracing AI in the real estate industry.

Meet Meriel 

Meriel Gordon is an experienced, versatile Regina REALTOR® with decades of experience in the ever-changing real estate market. She is committed to keeping her clients informed and educated so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their families. With over 1500 real estate sales, Meriel has a proven track record and she is ‘Highly Rated For a Reason’.

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