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Episode 8– ExP Real Estate Roadmap To Success With John Tsai

 Using AI in Real Estate with Meriel Gordon and Carrie Soave

Canadian eXp President John Tsai describes how eXp Realty provides an extensive array of resources to help new agents get their real estate businesses off the ground and set themselves up for success And how EXP Realty offers financial benefits and is agent-centric, providing agents with the opportunity to build wealth and create a legacy.

John Tsai:
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Meet Meriel 

Meriel Gordon is an experienced, versatile Regina REALTOR® with decades of experience in the ever-changing real estate market. She is committed to keeping her clients informed and educated so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their families. With over 1500 real estate sales, Meriel has a proven track record and she is ‘Highly Rated For a Reason’.

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