May, 2024

Real Insights Podcast

Episode 1– Using AI in Real Estate

 Using AI in Real Estate with Meriel Gordon and Carrie Soave

AI And Real Estate 

In this conversation, Meriel Gordon interviews Carrie Soave about using AI and social media in real estate. They discuss the discovery of AI and its impact on real estate, particularly in the form of Chat GPT. Carrie explains how Chat GPT can create custom language models for specific purposes, such as creating social media content and interacting with clients. They also explore the potential of AI to enhance the client experience and improve lead generation.

The conversation concludes with a discussion on the rapid changes in AI technology and the importance of staying informed and adaptable. 


00:00 Introduction and Background

06:14 Discovering AI and Social Media

09:38 Chat GPT and Real Estate

15:07 Using Chat GPT for Client Experience

22:25 Updates and Future Possibilities

26:00 Gratitude and Closing Remarks

Recap & Takeaways

Takeaways AI, particularly Chat GPT, has the potential to revolutionize the real estate industry by streamlining processes, improving client experiences, and enhancing lead generation. Realtors can use Chat GPT to create custom language models that reflect their unique brand and communication style. AI tools like Chat GPT can be used as lead magnets to provide value to potential clients and capture their information for future follow-up. Staying informed and adaptable is crucial in the rapidly evolving field of AI, as new updates and features are constantly being introduced.


Meet Meriel Gordon

Meriel is an experienced, versatile Regina REALTOR® with decades of experience in the ever-changing real estate market. She is committed to keeping her clients informed and educated so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their families. With over 1500 real estate sales, Meriel has a proven track record and she is ‘Highly Rated For a Reason’.

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