Meriel Gordon is an experienced and versatile Regina Real Estate Expert. She is committed to lifelong learning and continually takes courses to keep up with all the real estate industry changes as they occur! The market trends and statistics are  ever-changing, so its great to have an expert to guide you through the process to negotiate the process smoothly. In her latest real estate article,  she share the top ten things buyers look for!  


The Top 10 Things Regina Buyers Really Want In Their New Home


There is likely no bigger purchase than a home. There are some things on almost every homebuyer’s list when it comes to looking for their perfect property whether they’re buying for the first time, upgrading or downsizing.

These 10 things seem to be really important to most:

  1. Separate Laundry Room.
    Most homebuyers want a designated space to do laundry. Having enough storage space for laundry items, as well as being able to fold clothes, is a must. Buyers see it as a huge plus. Most people prefer this space to be close to the master bedroom or at least on the main floor.
  2. High Efficiency.
    Even when buying an older home, homebuyers look for efficiency in appliances and windows. More people are mindful of their utility bills and look to things to cut those costs.
  3. A Patio Or Deck. 
    Outdoor living is embraced by most homeowners. Eight-seven percent of house hunters look for a home with a patio where they can entertain family and friends in the warmer months.
  4. A Large Garage
    For more than just the vehicles. A spacious garage can also double as a great storage space. A garage also provides easy accessibility to stored items unlike an attic or shed.
  5. Exterior lighting.
    Most people take great pride in the time and money they’ve invested in landscaping and would like to highlight that even at night. Next to a patio, exterior lighting is the most desired outdoor feature. That includes spotlight, walkway and pendant lights.
  6. A Modern Kitchen and Bathroom.
    Most people’s savings will be going toward a down payment, so getting a kitchen and bathroom they won’t have to change is high on the priority list. An eat-in, open concept kitchen is what most people strive for. These are really attractive to young families with children.
  7. Hardwood Floors.
    Hardwood floors are cleaner and easier to maintain. Goodflooring can last a lifetime if maintained well.
  8. Walk-in Closet in the Master.These types of closets are quickly gaining in popularity among first-time homebuyers. Such a closet ranks in the top five on home want list.
  9. Walk-in Pantry.
    A full-sized pantry used to be a staple in every home in the early 20th century. They went out of favour, but are making a strong comeback. According to statistics, it’s the most wanted kitchen feature among buyers these days.
  10. A Separate Dining Room.
    Like the walk-in pantry, the formal dining room is back on the want list. A separate dining room is among the top 10 essentials for first- and second-time homebuyers.

Every client matters. Everyone is different and Meriel’s approach will be designed to what matters most to you. 

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