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Meet Meriel Gordon and you quickly learn why she is Highly Rated. Her decades of award winning performance and experience provide comfort but she does not lean on that. Meriel is continually learning, watching market trends and telling her clients what they need to know to make the best choices for themselves and their families. Sometimes happy situations, sometimes emotional situations. Meriel knows she is in the business of helping people, and everyone is different. She thrives on being versatile, listening to what her clients say and interpreting that into a strategy.

A lifelong resident of Regina, Meriel loves her city. She also knows that real estate pricing and trends are affected locally and globally. To that degree, she is continually in communication with agents across the globe. Learning, watching and discussing market trends.

The determination to always learn and challenge oneself led Meriel to eXp Realty. A high-tech global real estate company that provides agents with innovation, support and global opportunities for marketing. The company invests in its agents and technology to move its business forward. The benefit of this innovation and support is transferred to the clients in customer service and exposure of their properties on a global platform. Real estate does not remain static and neither does Meriel. Her passion for living life to its fullest is rooted in her family life. She cherishes time with her two adult children, two granddaughters, partner Tom and Dennis, the dog. To meet Meriel is to meet someone who will “have your back.”

Meriel holds the SRES® Designation (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) and in addition, she is a member of the Canadian Condominium Institute. 

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My Story

Why did I choose Real Estate as a career?

When I hear myself say 40+ years as a REALTOR® it seems surreal! Looking back, my plan was to go to University, graduate with my degree and work in my chosen profession. Well, I did go to University but I didn’t graduate with my degree…I realized in my second year that I wasn’t on the right path. So I “came home on the bus.” My parents drove me back to University but again

I “came home on the bus.” This time my parents relented. I got a job at a bank and was progressing through various positions. I enjoyed learning new things. One night I went with some co-workers to a random presentation titled Real Estate Home Buying Laws and Procedures. During that presentation something clicked with me and based on a gut feeling, I gave my two-week notice at the bank and decided to become a Realtor® .

An Unwavering Desire To Succeed

The interest rates were 18% and going up. That didn’t discourage me. I got my real estate licence, traded in my shiny blue Camaro for a four-door sedan and off I went. I read books about being a real estate agent and listened to…yes… cassette tapes. I had one sale in my first six months. I also had an unwavering desire to succeed and gradually more sales occurred; especially when the interest rates went down to 13 ¼%! With every sale I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment; I was helping people! The days were often long. No cell phones: just a pager and rolls of quarters for pay phones. I not only learned about parts of the city I had never been to, but I also learned where many of the pay phones were located. Most importantly, I learned about people and the importance of listening to people. I could not assume that any transaction would be like another one because different people were involved. Every person had their own unique story. Every person reacted differently. My role was to be versatile and to guide and support each person. Bandaids. I had quarters and bandaids. I have been known to fall off steps, trip while lifting a double garage door (that was a classic!), dive to catch a cat that ran out of a house… so many stories. Also emotions. It is humbling when people trust me enough and they share their emotions. 

The 80/20 Rule

I would say the 80/20 rule applies to real estate: 80% is about the people. The real estate business platform has changed completely since I started my career and I enjoy the challenge of learning new things. The part that has stayed the same is helping people and that is the part I love. The gut feeling I had over 40 years ago definitely took me on the right path. (and my parents survived the turmoil).

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