Buyers Looking For A New Home?

As Your Personal Regina Real Estate Agent

It will be my responsibility to represent the sole interests of you, the buyer. This includes searching for a home, negotiating the best price, and handling all the details of the purchased property. As your REALTOR®, I will provide you with more personalized access to available property information.

Looking for a new home can sound exciting and at the same time, it can be an emotional roller coaster. I will be there for you to keep things going smoothly. Communication is important. You can tell me anything; everything you tell me is confidential.

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3 Easy Steps!

Let’s Talk!

First of all, we will talk. This can be done in person or over Zoom, however, you feel most comfortable. We will start with the basics such as getting you pre-approved if you haven’t already done that.  


Are there areas in and around Regina  that you prefer or are you open to looking at a variety of  options and areas? Let’s chat about what features are a must for you, and what would be nice to have.

Home Type

Do you want “move-in ready” or is doing some work on your new home something you would consider or feel comfortable with takin on? 

When we are looking at properties I will point out things I notice, offer suggestions and most importantly I will listen to how you feel about the particular properties.

“Showing people homes is like watching them try on jackets. Some look awkward and some look like they fit just right. That is my goal for you!”

Start The Search For Your New Home

Your home dreams can be a reality in just one click.  Check to see what Regina and area homes  are available today and then make an appointment with Meriel Gordon to assess your goals!